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That’ll Preach

$12.99 $7.73

That’ll Preach

$12.99 $7.73

Experienced preacher, teacher and author, Charley Reeb, gives readers a 5-step plan for writing and delivering a sermon that can transform lives for Christ. He covers preparation, sermon structure, storytelling, and how to ‘preach with presence’. He examines lectionary and topical preaching models, and shows the reader how to determine which model to use; he further instructs the reader to use the 5-step plan for each model. Finally, That’ll Preach! offers sermon outlines and full sermons, as examples to illustrate the book’s teaching.

The entire book stems from the author’s view that sermons must be engaging in order to be effective. This laser focus results in a book that is powerful and immediately useful, concise and purposeful. It is a book for every preacher.

Mission Possible!


Throughout the seasons of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany, we are often reminded of the importance of drawing near to God. But as the busyness of life absorbs into our homes, our relationships, and our spirits, it can be difficult to rely upon the grace of God and hear the voice of his Spirit. The promise of the season, though, is that through God’s revelation to us in Christ, we can discover a hope that empowers a broken world.

In nineteen sermons, Charley Reeb sets out to remind us that God’s mysterious ways are limitless in power. It is impossible to truly comprehend the possibilities of an immaculate conception or of God in the flesh, but when the church proclaims the message of redemption and displays God’s unmatchable love, it exposes a truth that begins to transform the heart of the world. This is the greatest calling of any believer — living a life that serves as light and hope.

Whether used as a sermon resource, a personal study and reflection guide, or as a curriculum for group and Sunday school study, Mission Possible! calls us into thoughtful discussion and seeks to move us deeper into the realm of the kingdom with a hopeful urgency that inspires us to breathe in God’s word and exhale his grace to a world in need.

7 Wonders Of The Faith


In Seven Wonders Of The Faith, Charles Reeb addresses some of the most burning questions that people in the pews are asking — about issues that often become stumbling blocks to faith. He offers scripture-based answers that will enrich and strengthen the faith of believers while also planting seeds of faith in the hearts of unbelievers. His dynamic messages engage readers and speak to our elemental concerns, inviting us to confront them in an effort to discern a truly mature spirituality. This is an excellent resource for adult Sunday school curriculum, a sermon series, or enlightening personal reading for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of God.

Chapters include:
* I Wonder If God Exists
* I Wonder Why Bad Things Happen To Good People
* I Wonder Why My Prayers Go Unanswered
* I Wonder About God’s Will For My Life
* I Wonder About The Miracles In The Bible
* I Wonder About The End Of The World
* I Wonder About Life After Death

One Heaven of a Party


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